About Me

My name is Lenka Grackova and I create motivation and joy at work when change gets hard. 

Change can become challenging, but it gives us an opportunity to learn, grow and find out who we really are and whom we can become.

During 15 years of my professional experience, I changed my career from marketing, logistics to B2B sales, working for international companies as well as for a tech start-up. Thanks to MBA moving from Czechia to Belgium, working from home, having new responsibilities and new bosses, I realized that professional and life satisfaction is not about what you do, but how you do it and with what mindset. I am especially passionate about making self-management the new lifestyle.

I help first-time or seasoned managers to settle quickly in their new leadership roles. I use the Brain Based coaching methodology from Neuroleadership Group and my unique 8 step self-management process.

Thanks to ADKAR methodology combined with my coaching skills I enable companies proactively manage change. I specialise in techniques that encourage collaborative management.

For my professional experience check my LinkedIn profile here.