About Me

My name is Lenka Grackova and I create motivation and joy at work when change gets hard. 

Change can become challenging, but it gives us an opportunity to learn, grow and find out who we really are and whom we can become.

During 15 years of my professional experience, I changed my career from marketing, logistics to B2B sales, working for international companies as well as for a tech start-up. Thanks to MBA moving from Czechia to Belgium, working from home, having new responsibilities and new bosses, I realized that professional and life satisfaction is not about what you do, but how you do it and with what mindset. I am especially passionate about making self-management the new lifestyle.

I help first-time or seasoned managers to settle quickly in their new leadership roles. I use the Brain Based coaching methodology from Neuroleadership Group and my unique 8 step self-management process.

Thanks to ADKAR methodology combined with my coaching skills I enable companies proactively manage change. I specialise in techniques that encourage collaborative management.

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My Story Shortly

As a child, I was fascinated by the stories of ordinary people who bravely faced their challenges, persevered despite all the hurdles and in the end achieved something extraordinary. I kept wondering what their secret was and if I would be able to do the same in my life. 

When I started studying university, I did not even imagine what challenge I had prepared for myself. Could a contemplative, analytical and reserved person like me be successful in international commerce? Selling, buying, and trading goods? After five years of studies, I thought I had known the answer. No! But what else to do? What would be the “right” job for me?

My “dream” job emerged a couple of weeks after graduation - Marketing at L`Oreal. The dream job soon became my nightmare. I felt so much outside of my comfort zone that I had to leave one year later. Then I kept my profile low. The five years in a small logistics company helped me to gain my confidence back, enjoy work within my comfort zone and renew my appetite for next challenges. So I left the security of livelihood in the Czech Republic for studying international MBA in Belgium.

Upon completion, I was offered a business development position in Eastern Europe. I knew it was going to be hard, but I really wanted to learn sales (in case I set up my own business one day). The company proposed a nine-month training program that I thought would help me succeed.

It did not.

I kept comparing myself to other experienced sellers and felt so different. What if they all found who I really was? What if they found out that I did not have what it took to be a good seller? With plenty of changes in my private life, it felt suddenly too much. On my own, I did not see the way out and I sought some outside coaching. As it turned out, that is what made all the difference.

I learned that the problem was not that I was different. The problem was that I was different and was trying to do the things the same way. 

I just had to find my own way to make my style work in the sales environment. Thanks to the coaching, I found my internal motivation to go beyond my comfort zone and started doing things differently. After six months of intensive work, my colleagues and boss noticed the difference. I got promoted and received a couple of sales awards later on.

After all this, I thought that I could cope with any job as long as I managed to develop my soft skills in a smart way.

At that point, I seemed to be ready for my own business and joined a tech start-up as a co-founder. I thought that working in the field that interested me so little was not a problem.

I was so wrong.

We parted our ways one year later. I realized that coping with challenges is simply impossible if I were not passionate about my work and it made a little sense to me.

My successes and failures have taught me many lessons. The most important lesson has been that looking for the “RIGHT JOB” is a waste of time. The right job I can create myself (employed or self-employed) -  I only need to find ways how to make the job interesting and enjoyable for me. 

 If you feel professionally challenged and are ready to start doing small changes to enjoy your professional life more, contact me here, so that we can get started.