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Bringing more passion in any type of work. Always on the hunt to find a playful and enjoyable way to create and embrace change, develop new skills and discover oneself through challenges.

Top Five Investments You Should Make before Getting Fired for Redundancy

When I first experienced collective lay-offs in a multinational company, I was shocked. There is no security, no stability in this world. At the age of 50, I could become redundant and useless. It sounds bitter, but it might happen to anybody one day. That`s life. Plenty of questions started floating in my head. How...

How to Cope with Professional Challenges and Stay Happy?

How come certain challenges are too hard while others are not hard enough? And why do some challenges make us excited while others make us feel low? And how come a challenge that seemed too hard and was pulling us down, can become the right challenge and makes us feel excited? Maybe it is not about...

Join Your Own “Anonymous Alcoholics” Group to Change Your Habits

This article is totally NOT for people who have a problem with alcohol. It is for the people who have sometimes a problem with self-management. Ok, just in case I did not use the right term in English, as per “The best definition of self-management skills is the personal application of behavior change tactics...

1 Simple Tip How to Deal with Procrastination and Feel Happier

Do you have sometimes days at work when you do not feel like doing anything? I do. And unfortunately, I have a lot of flexibility, with little external pressure and deadlines. My solution was to start doing my own plan with deadlines. However, my nice plan with deadlines has soon become my worst enemy. Sometimes...

5 Obvious Steps People Rarely Do to Succeed in Their New Job

Starting a new job can be a huge stress. How can you focus on the right things and prove yourself within 6-12 months in your new job? Download a workbook to make your superhero plan.

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