Individual Coaching

Develop and retain your key talents

Develop and Retain Your Key Talents

Do you look for customized ways how to develop and retain your key talents? Do you look for flexibility and quick results? 

Individual coaching is an efficient way of development. It structures the journey of your key talents through their actual professional challenges. It helps them understand the power of self-management and to understand the value of coaching instead of giving advice.

Our Process

Individual coaching is challenging and a very personal process. The confidentiality between the coach and the employee is key. For companies, we use a special process that guarantees the confidentiality of the employee and allows the employer (manager, HR) to define areas of focus and review the results of coaching.


  • 1
    Manager and HR choose the right person
    The manager or HR identify a person that will be coached. Usually a person with higher responsibilities who is eager to learn and grow. The company wants to provide additional support to facilitate the transition.
  • 2
    Manager briefs employee on areas of development
    The manager announces individual coaching to the employee and provides feedback on areas of development.
  • 3
    HR provides contact details to coach
    HR sends contact details of the selected employee to the coach and confirms the length of coaching (6, 9 or 12 sessions)
  • 4
    Coach contacts employee
    Coach contacts employee and schedules a first introductory call, where coach explains how the coaching works and they will schedule the first face to face session.
  • 5
    Individual sessions with employee
    Sessions last between 1,5 to 2 hours. First session we define objectives, second session we define a strategy to reach objectives and plan first actions. During third up to fifth session we review actions, highlight key learnings, start building new positive habits and anchor them.
  • 6
    Final review
    The last session is done in 2 steps. The first session is again individual with the coached employee, where the coach prepares a summary of the journey and the employee reflects on key learnings. The second part of the session is done with manager and HR, where the employee describes goals, learnings, and changes in behavior he/she achieved.
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