When Change Means Progress

VUCA World

In the current VUCA world, companies need to adapt to the changes at a faster pace.

However, the magnitude of changes can disrupt the progress.

Impact on Employees

Change fatigue leads to the lack of motivation, interest, and energy to follow the changes.

Individual performance falls behind and impacts business results.

Performance During Change?

Change triggers stress response leading to a negative attitude, loss of key people or inaction. 

Change goes along with a learning curve (shorter or longer). 

Individual and corporate performance go down.

Is it enough to SWIM faster, harder or better?

Learn SURFING on the wave of change.

In the VUCA world, individuals need new tools to stay in their inner power and go through any change as entrepreneurial agile learners. 


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    PEPS ® Model

    Power = Energy x Pleasure x Sense. Internal force to do things differently comes from managing well mental and emotional energy, doing things that make sense and enjoying them.

Our Tools

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    BEING YOU © Process

    Eight step self-coaching process to deal with challenging situations and changes in a constructive and proactive manner. It builds growth mindset, resilience and agile attitude towards changes.

Our solution

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    Power CASH ®

    A development tool assessing performance (Power) based on Competences, Attitudes, Skills, and Habits. (C+A+S+H)×P= Achieved Objectives

Benefits of Power4Action Program

  • Employees find themselves better in their new or existing roles and responsibilities

  • Employees proactively look for solutions and self-develop

  • Employees feel empowered and motivated

  • Constructive and dynamic corporate culture

  • Higher productivity

  • Less fluctuation

The Team

Lenka Grackova

ICF Certified Coach

Author of BEING YOU© 

Eleonore Snyers

Trainer in self-development, management, sales, marketing

Professional Business Coach 


Dominique Lemal

Speaker, Skills Activator

PEPS ® Author

Charles-Henri Gaukema

Sales and Management Trainer and Coach 

Author of Power CASH® model