Empower Employees to Be Entrepreneurs of Their Success

World VUCA

Current world VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) urges changes in our programs and mindsets.

Impact on Employees

Employees may be tired of constant changes. They may lack motivation and energy to adapt to the changes.

The Key is Intrinsic Motivation

We focus on the intrinsic motivation that is driven by Interest and Enjoyment in the actions required to achieve a goal.

Employees will tap into their internal motivation and start creating impact for themselves and the company, when:

  • they focus on their individual challenges that they want to genuinely resolve themselves
  • they create inspiring and motivating goals that make sense to them and start acting on them
  • they focus on how to spark more joy in their day to day actions and actions towards their goals


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    PEPS ® Principles

    Power = Energy x Pleasure x Sense. Internal force to do things differently comes from having enough energy, doing things that make sense to us and enjoying them.

Our Solution

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    Reframe Motivation

    Motivation reframing helps employees identify their intrinsically motivating objectives that make sense, are interesting and are motivating to achieve.

Our solution

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    Create Change

    By 8 step process BEING YOU©. The process enables employees to align themselves, develop new soft skills and approach all changes in an entrepreneurial way.


  • Employees find themselves better in their new or existing roles and responsibilities

  • Employees proactively look for solutions and self-develop

  • Employees feel empowered and motivated

  • Constructive and dynamic corporate culture

  • Higher productivity

  • Less fluctuation

The Team

Lenka Grackova

ICF Certified Coach

Author of BEING YOU© 

Eleonore Snyers

Trainer in self-development, management, sales, marketing

Professional Business Coach 


Dominique Lemal

Speaker, Skills Activator

PEPS ® Author

Charles-Henri Gaukema

Sales and Management Trainer and Coach 

Author of Power CASH® model