How to Increase Professional and Personal Satisfaction by Knowing Your Values

After publishing the article on giving your job one last chance before you decide to quit, I received a very interesting comment. The comment recommends checking if the current job still matches person’s values. The same comment also mentions that values re-prioritize as people grow and change.

Very true.

Values drive behavior, decisions, and contribute to personal and professional satisfaction. I heard a couple of people saying that they ended up with a burnout because they were doing a job not aligned to their values. In the contrary, doing work where one can build on their personal values will contribute to the job satisfaction and overall motivation.

It is worth taking the time to list your values. It is also interesting to keep “checking” your values over years. The values shape and some of them will become stronger than before.

There are plenty of techniques how to define your own values. You can just free write them, use a technique like a Mood Board, attend a workshop similar to this one.

When you have the list of values (5 to 10), you can reflect on how each of these values is present or is missing in different areas of your life: work, family, social life/friends, relationship.

The objective is not to get frustrated when the values are missing in certain areas. The objective is to find out what you can do to increase their presence in each area.

When I did this exercise for the first time, I lived in Belgium for 1 year already and still did not build any close friendships.  I was also missing my existing friends back in Czechia. I decided to keep more in contact with my good old friends and try to be more open in getting to know new people.

In the professional area, I found out that I was not very authentic when doing sales. I wanted to build more on my natural strengths even though they were not considered as the most important traits for a seller.

Actually, in each area, I found few points that I could change to feel much happier.

Enjoy incorporating your values in your personal and professional life!










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