Having a New Challenging Role?

Speed up your learning curve

Speed Up Your Learning Curve

Have you started a new challenging job? Do you feel stressed and overwhelmed by all the responsibilities and new soft skills that you need to develop? People management, leadership, communication, organizing, and planning...

Individual Coaching will put the right structure in your learning process. You will not develop new soft skills overnight, but in 3 months you will get there!

How does it work?

My role is to help you to find your own answers and to cope with your challenges so that you bring the passion back in your job. I use Brain-Based Coaching methodology which is a coaching approach rooted in contemporary neuroscience. It uses the latest insights into how the brain works to create powerful changes while building new positive habits and behaviors.  

Your Journey

  • You will identify your key professional challenges you want to resolve and define desired results.
  • You will identify a plan how to reach those results and start performing specific actions
  • You will undergo a strong self-learning by performing those actions.  Through regular reviews, you will formulate major learning’s and uncover potential hurdles that prevent you reaching those results.
  • You will identify new ways how to tackle those hurdles.
  • You will develop and strengthen new positive habits or skills that will help you to tackle new professional challenges in the future.
  • You will find out that you can love any job as long as you understand and fulfill your needs and desires.

Practical Information

  • Program Duration
    3 to 9 months.
  • Frequency of Sessions
    One session every two or three weeks.
  • Your Time Invested
    1 to 1.5 hours for a coaching session plus the time needed to do your actions (1-2 hours a week).
  • Total Number of Sessions
    Based on your needs and topics you want to solve. In some cases already 4-6 sessions can do the job. Typically 10 to 12 sessions are maximum needed for building new skills or habits.
  • How
    In person if geographically possible, otherwise via phone, skype, hangouts, teleconference or any other modern technology.

Having coaching sessions during eight months absolutely impressed me. I made progress that I would not be able to do on my own. Thanks to the coaching sessions, I learned that I was able to do what I thought was not natural to me. I discovered that doing small actions created big results. I still use the learnings of the coaching sessions in my daily activities. Lenka guided me through this journey with kindness and determination to achieve the goals. I enjoyed our regular coaching sessions. I knew that I would always finish the session with appropriate actions to move further and motivation to continue the work. I recommend Lenka`s coaching program to everybody who faces any challenges in professional or personal life.

Marc E.Skin Care Application Designer, Belgium

The best thing on the coaching is the way to the goal – you do not listen to someone else`s advice on your issues, but you are finding the right path on your own. Thanks to that you are ready to accept it and pursue the ideas and rules you have identified. Before I started coaching, I was sure that I was doing something wrong in my professional life, but I was not sure what it was. Thanks to the coaching I was able to finally take the time to understand it better. I discovered why solutions I was offering were not fully understandable to my colleagues and why I was not able to get a clear agreement with them. I took the time to think what would be the right approach if I were in their shoes and I made small steps that made a really big difference. I’m not winning all negotiations and not everything in my daily job is according to my wishes, but now I take decisions after creative discussions, decisions that are win-win for both parties. Lenka was a patient listener with the right question at the right time. She was not offering solutions or recommendation, she was always pushing me (or better said my brain) to come out with the answers to the problems I was describing to her. And do not forget to do your homework, you can fool yourself but not Lenka ;).

Michal V.Product Support Engineering Lead, Czech Republic

With Lenka, I worked on one of my private goals. The most important for me was to keep my attention to the right direction so that I achieve my goal. Lenka as my coach gave me a lot of space for my own investigations during the sessions as well as outside. She kept an eye on me to transform my thought process into specific actions. Thanks to that I could finally change some deeply rooted habits and develop new ones.

Petr NedvědProfessional Coach and Mentor, Czech Republic

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