When Tough Feedback Helps You to Turn Off Your Autopilot

Our behavior consists of various habits, physical, mental, emotional. Those habits trigger automatic reactions.  It is like an autopilot, it clicks somewhere and we are acting without paying attention to what is happening. Some time ago, I asked one of my superiors for feedback. He was very frank and wrote I had a problem with...

People Do Not Change but Can Change Their Behavior

I will be really personal now. Maybe a way how to get certain topics out of my chest. My ex-partner was always telling me: „I am like I am and I will not change.“ It was driving me crazy. Of course,  it was driving me crazy – it was very true. People can not change...

It Is Challenging to Be a Great People Manager

The International Coaching Federation recently launched a survey identifying the major traits of a manager who had a positive impact on the team members and their career. I immediately thought of my favorite manager and why I enjoyed so much his management style. The list is long (and could be even longer). It is not...

How to Cope with Professional Challenges and Stay Happy?

How come certain challenges are too hard while others are not hard enough? And why do some challenges make us excited while others make us feel low? And how come a challenge that seemed too hard and was pulling us down, can become the right challenge and makes us feel excited? Maybe it is not about...

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