The Second Step to Giving Great Answers

After being present and focused, the second step to giving great answers is the most obvious and sometimes the most difficult. Let people finish speaking. Simple?! Then imagine a heated discussion with another person. And you want to say something brilliant, a solution that will be super duper the best ever heard, known and imagined....

The First Step to Giving Great Answers

Does it also happen to you? As you listen to someone talking to you, you are preparing your answer at the same time. In private conversations, it can be even worse. You have had the same discussions over and over and you already know what your spouse is going to tell you. You even don’t...

Four Tips For Introverted Women Who Wish to Speak More at Office Meetings

The most frustrating about office meetings is when they go nowhere and  I feel like wasting my time. However, as an introvert, it is a challenge for me to contribute and steer the meeting in the direction I would have liked. An interesting article explains why introverts have more difficulties to express themselves at work...

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