3 Reasons Why You May Not Be in Flow at Work

Are you in flow at work? Do you have a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment? Good news is that even if you are not in flow at work, you can be one day (without having to change your job).

There are three challenges preventing people from being in flow (as per Wikipedia’s article „Flow“):

  • Apathy = low challenge and your skills level is low which results in lack of interest in the task
  • Boredom = low challenges and your skill level exceeds the challenges. You seek higher challenges.
  • Anxiety = too high challenges that exceed your current skill level which causes the feeling of uneasiness and distress.

The interesting part is that any activity can move from anxiety to boredom (you have learned everything and it becomes a routine). And the exciting part is that any task can move from apathy, boredom or anxiety to the flow state (you are able to find your own technique to do the task in a way that feels like being in flow.) Only you can play the game with yourself and make your own choices.

So what may be three reasons why you are not in flow yet at work and where to put your focus on?

1. You have not been doing a certain activity long enough.

And you need to develop plenty of new skills. Developing new skill is a challenge that can take much longer and can be more painful than initially imagined. Trust that with time and focus you will feel more comfortable.

Focus on your mindset. Persist, continue going outside your comfort zone, keep learning from failures or successes. Stay open to the possibility that one day you can get into flow.

2. You are not learning new skills progressively – step by step.

Learning any new skills, especially soft skills is a process. Like you learned reading by recognizing each letter in the alphabet, you can break learning any new skill in a couple of steps. It is useful to look for existing techniques, but the most important is to adjust those techniques to your own individual style.

Focus on each step at once. Shortcuts can be tempting, but try to avoid them in this case.

3. You are labeling certain activities as boring or uninteresting.

Without looking for ways how to make them enjoyable and interesting. Certain teachers can make the most boring subjects exciting and enjoyable. Can you dare to do the same in your work? There are hundreds of different ways how to do things.

Focus on playing a game with yourself. How can you get out of your routine and do all those boring, uninteresting tasks in a more enjoyable way?

Getting in flow is such an exciting journey. Whatever you will focus on, it will probably bring you into flow. Because I forgot to say that „you could get into a state of flow through fully absorbed focus. The stronger the concentration you bring to a task, the more likely you are to drop into flow while doing it.” As this article says.










Lenka Grackova
Bringing more passion in any type of work. Always on the hunt to find a playful and enjoyable way to create and embrace change, develop new skills and discover oneself through challenges.
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