When Switching off Conscious Thinking Clears the Way for a Higher Wisdom

Have you noticed that sometimes we get the best ideas and make the best decisions NOT after a long analysis, but after getting a feeling of„enlightenment“? Suddenly an idea lands in our brain and the idea looks totally great and makes sense to us. That`s the moment when our brain finally connected all the relevant information together. Information we are aware of consciously, information that is stored in our brain subconsciously and the information we already forgot.

Like it happened to me today in Madrid.  I was little lost what to do today. The only plan I had, was to go to Templo de Debod. As it was really a great weather, I enjoyed the park and a superb view. While enjoying the sun, I decided to visit more gardens, so I headed to the Gardens of Royal Palace. With my sense of orientation, I reckoned that trying to find the right way using my map, would drive me crazy. So I just let myself wonder in the park and followed my immediate impulses. Suddenly I walked on the right street leading to the Royal Palace Gardens.  When walking through the Gardens, I remembered that I did not see the Royal Palace during the day. And in front of Royal Palace, I thought that it would be great to visit the palace inside. I am rather a planning maniac, but this experience was special for me. Going with the flow, integrating additional impulses and listening to my needs, helped me to spend a great day. Without too much of planning and any conscious effort.

Our brain is simply amazing. The more we try to force the conscious thinking, control our thought process, insist on the plan we have made, the less we tap into our bigger wisdom and the less we enjoy.

I just need to keep reminding myself: “Trust Yourself. Trust your brain`s wisdom and go with the flow!” Especially in the situations that are complex and the way out is not immediately obvious.

P.S. On the way back to the hotel, I got terribly lost. Exactly at the moment when my conscious thinking woke up and I started hesitating whether it would be faster to one street or another one.




Lenka Grackova
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